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Hanging Coffins of Sagada Philippines

Hanging Coffins of SagadaSagada is located in the Mountain Province which is in the Northern part of Luzon, Philippines. The journey to Sagada might be far and somewhat inconvenient but when you are finally there it will all be worth it. This little lofty town does not have a lot of infrastructures but it has a rich culture and bountiful natural resources. The trip is not only for hardcore thrill seekers but also for people who enjoys nature. The beautiful scenery and fresh air adds to an exhilarating experience. The off-road expedition to Sagada is rough and a bit challenging but with expert drivers the journey is guaranteed to be safe.

One of the famous attractions of Sagada are the Hanging Coffins. This ancient funeral custom which hangs wooden coffins in cliffs gives a creepy but amazing sight to see. The tradition is still done by old locals who believes that the higher the coffin, the more closer it is to heaven. These hanging coffins can be seen in some random cliffs and the most unlikely places.

There are other popular activities like spelunking and trekking. Sagada being nestled between mountains and hills provides trekking activities that is perfect to let you absorb the magnificent view and peaceful environment. The Sumaguing Cave is perfect for the spelunking enthusiast that seeks a thrilling experience. The spelunking experience is not just sight seeing and picture taking with stalactites and stalagmites but it involves physical endurance as the cave welcomes you with rugged terrain and hostile environment that will require you to be plunged in waist-deep or even deeper depths of ice-cold water. The challenging terrain will surely keep you on your toes but after getting through it you will be rewarded with awesome formations of stalactites and stalagmites.

Your visit to Sagada will not be complete if you left out the trek to Bomod-Ok Falls. The Bomod-Ok falls or also known as Big falls is a majestic sight to see. The trek to the falls will not tire you as it gives amazing views of rice terraces and peaceful green scenery. The trek is estimated to be three hours, which is a round-trip trek that includes the time to enjoy the falls and take plenty of nice pictures.

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