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3 Day Pizza Making Course in the Philippines by Pizza Freaks

3 Day Pizza Making Course in the Philippines by Pizza Freaks

Pizza making lover, now you can discover how to create specialist looking and also fantastic sampling pizza right here in Manila Philippines by Cook Rick St. John of Pizza Freaks. Take our 3 Day Pizza Making Program and gain from a professional pizza and dough making master, the keys to creating optimal pizza, for close friends, family members as well as for your very own pizza dining establishment. Select from four various ranges of pizza designs that consist of, the renowned Neapolitan, New York, Roman and also Sicilian style of pizza.

Throughout 3 days, Chef Rick St. John will teach your the standard basics to developing great sampling and incredible looking pizza. Rick will introduce you to some completely brand-new ideas for pizza making, like which flours are the very best for making a particular style of pizza, how to hand stretch the dough like an expert and also ways to produce the ideal cornicione for every pizza you create.

Chef Rick has over 15 years of experience in the resort as well as restaurant sector, having worked as a specialized Chef and also ice-sculptor for the Marriott Resort, was in cost of his very own kitchen at the Holiday Inn Central, Chef for the Radisson, as-well-as helped the respected Capital City Club, and also was a manager for Little Caesars Pizza as well as Wendy's.

Whether you are passionate about developing incredible pizza or if you are intending to open your own pizza dining establishment, this 3 Day Pizza Making Training course by Pizza Freaks is a must. Open your restaurant with confidence, knowing that you have the technological abilities had to create top quality pizza.

Rick St. John will certainly provide handouts that give comprehensive details on how you can create the excellent dimension dough-ball, utilizing our weight measurement record, to make sure that every pizza cooks the same, uniformly and also with a nice crunchy crust. Rick will also show you ways to appropriately cover a pizza, utilizing a pizza toppings chart, a must for every specialist pizza restaurant owner.

What You Will Certainly Discover:

  • Use of Different Kinds of Pizza Flour
  • How you can Produce Perfect Pizza Dough
  • Producing Perfect Pizza Dough-balls
  • Proper Refrigeration of Pizza Dough
  • Safe Food Handling Procedures
  • Freezing & Thawing Dough
  • Mixing Various Kinds of Pizza Flour
  • Developing the Perfect Cornicione
  • Hand Stretching Pizza Dough
  • Topping a Pizza Appropriately
  • Where to Acquisition Pizza Products Wholesale
  • We Supply Over 200 Pizza Recipes
  • On-going Support for Up-to 1 Year
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Free Pizza Take Residence

3 Day Pizza Making Training course in the Philippines by Pizza Freaks

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